There are many restaurants to visit but they are offering the same old menu. What you want is a change and we bring the change through our Haitian restaurant which is called Creole Garden. Our Creole Garden is the restaurant that you were looking for.

We have the change and contain dishes with unique and scrumptious food. We take our expectations and set up the level of it. Our Haitian restaurant Creole Garden will show you how a restaurant should be and perform. We will give you an exciting menu of dishes with different categories so that you can enjoy it with safe and sound health.

Creole garden focuses on maintaining its restaurant with clean and anti-bacterial utensils and kitchen. We focus on giving our service full responsibility for our customer’s health and energy in their daily life. You can visit us during our open hours and we will help you to make a wonderful experience that you will love. We make sure to give you a taste you will cherish forever

Stop waiting and experience it yourself by visiting us at our Haitian restaurant that is Creole Garden and enjoy the creole food to digest well-cooked meals every day. Our goal is to make everyone aware of the unique and exciting flavors of Creole food. The unique taste is admired by many and the people enjoy it very much. We have chefs that will make you fall in love with our taste and aroma once you try us.

Haitian Restaurant Desserts

We give you a unique sweet taste for all the people with a sweet tooth. Our Creole delights will make you addicted to our well-sweetened confectionaries and desserts. This is a must after you eat Creole specials and main course meals. It will transform your tongue from a storm of spiciness to a calming and sweet taste. Our creole food has a different and unique taste that you will find seldom.

Creole Soups

Sip a new taste and take a spoonful of our special soup. Our soups are the best to make your day better after a long tiring work day. Visit our restaurants for healthy and delicious soups. Our dish contains the right nutrition for your meal and provides you with the right amount of calories. Fill up your appetite and engulf our thick or liquid soups according to your taste.

Haitian Restaurant Salads

Read the descriptions of our salads and order those that match your taste. We are responsible for the freshness and your health. Enjoy a healthy and discover the vast types of salads. The Creole garden has added this option to make a just menu for everyone. We give more options to our vegetarian customers by giving a more variety of their specials.

Creole Main Dish

Take a tour of Haiti from this Haitian restaurant. Creole Garden make sure to give worth to your time. We care for you and your family. We give you the main dishes selected from the best recipes and give you the best experience in Haiti. A familiarity that you will want to have a thousand times. We create an addiction to food and enhance our Creole Food with our passion.

Creole Bakery

In the Creole bakery, you will get to see and eat the unique kind of meals that you have never seen before. Our chefs have made the special bakery with a lot of research and practice to make a different dish for your taste.

Haitian Restaurant Sandwich/Panini Burgers

Our sandwiches and burgers are healthy and juicy at the same time. We will give you greaseless food and make sure you have filled your hunger with perfection. Our burgers are bigger and meatier than usual. We are the best available option for you and give you a perfect touch of taste and quality. We make sure that you will get the perfection and a taste that matches your preference.

Drinks And Creole Tea

After a long time at work, the next thing you need is tea. We make special Creole tea for you to make you light as a feather and wear off all your tiredness with just a single cup of tea. We offer a different variety of drinks in this scorching weather for you. Keep yourself calm and cool only with creole drinks and tea to make it a more memorable experience.

Beers And Wines

What more can you need after a heart full of meal. A mug of beer is the perfect thing if you want to escape from the tiredness of your life. We give you exactly what you need. Make yourself carefree with our fresh and good wine. We offer our drinks to everyone under the government policy and help to give you the perfect place to forget your worldly worries.

Kids Meal

It is very difficult to select a good option and the perfect meal for your kid. You have to look out for your kid’s health with their preference which makes it difficult for a lot of parents. We provide you with the kid’s meal and give the perfect solution for the parents coming to our restaurant. Give a perfect meal to your kid from our kid’s meal. We make it with love and make sure it gives the right amount of nutrition power and energy to your kids.

Side Dishes

Our Creole side dishes are the cherry on top of our all dishes. We make side dishes to give the additional pleasure and satisfaction of the meal. Our role restaurant will give the best experience of a Haitian restaurant with the help of our creole food and side dishes.

Visit the best creole restaurant and experience a world-class flavor and taste for your taste buds. Creole Garden is the perfect package for any family and friends. Visit us and order our food if you are looking forward to spend a good time and building core memories with your loved ones. We give fast services so that you can eat your meal in a good mood and get complete satisfaction.