Over the years, the recipes of Creole Traditional Delights have been changed and manipulated into a different taste. Before our traditional taste changed completely, we decided to preserve it with its original recipe. We Offer the real and original taste of our ancestors.
Order Creole’s food Tacos, Panini Creole, Creole Sandwich, Creole Chef Salad, and Our Variety of creole soups.

We clear the misconception of Creole Food and cajun food. Both being the delights of Louisiana, we give you the perfect combination of spices and meat in our creole food to distinguish its uniqueness from others. We serve bakery, breakfast, salads, drinks, and more other than our traditional taste.

Authentic Haitian Food:

The original taste of Haiti now in California. Our Creole Traditional Delights expert chefs have mastered the Haitian dishes. We give it a familiarity with our creole dishes having uniqueness in their taste. Soaking and marinating the meat in rich spices. We present the perfect dish for your taste buds. Take a tour of Haiti with our special dishes made with high-quality ingredients and tangy spices. Order Haitian for just like in Haitian restaurants. We serve different Haitian cuisine made from the original recipe of Haiti. The original Haitian soups.


It is a traditional Haitian food containing fried pork. We marinate it in citrus and fry it with the same methods you can find in Haiti. We give you the perfect experience of popular Haitian dishes by following its traditional recipes.


We began from our farm fresh pumpkin and beans. We make its traditional aroma and scent scrumptious. We serve to make your family festive more fun and pleasant. We keep its traditional importance vital in serving them.

Tour of Haiti

Get a tour of Haiti and get a taste of all possible Haitian dishes you can find. Make an order and, we will serve you by choosing the freshest ingredients for your menu.

Authentic Caribbean Food:

Caribean food is a delightful fusion of European, African, and Cajun. It is a mix of many different cultures which we have successfully brought together in our restaurant. Offering the iconic dishes of the Creole Traditional Delights Caribbean Food with quality at its best.


The healthiest Creole Traditional Delights dishes you can find across the Caribbean. We give the perfect combination of health and taste with its original taste. Made from our farm-grown amaranth kalalou leaves to give the best taste of the nation.

Lambi / Conch

Get the conch taste in your salad. Get a low-fat source of protein high in vitamins E and B12, magnesium, selenium, and folate. The best meat to maintain your health and body. It is the most favorite and versatile food of all time. We order healthy conch and examine their freshness.

Tour of Caribbean

We provide the Tour of the Caribbean. By surprising you with the different native foods full of traditional flavor and richness all in one place. Made from the genuine method of regional areas. Get a taste of the diversity and uniqueness you can find in California. We build a friendly bond with our customers to give them a wholesome experience for a lifetime.