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    Choose from a variety of stewed, fried, or grilled poultry, meat, and fish dishes served with delicious sides and desserts, and enjoy with your choice of our signature sauces.


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    Nowadays many people can find Haitian restaurants near them but few know the real advent of Haitian food. Haitian Food started from the Creole and French cooking styles. But various foreign countries have occupied Haiti throughout its history. Their culture and cuisine were introduced to Haiti and influenced its cuisine. In local markets and shops, you can find a variety of French cheeses, desserts, and bread. The average Haitian diet is primarily composed of starchy staples such as rice, corn, millet, yams, and beans. There is also an abundance of meat and seafood, but only the wealthier residents can afford it. A creole garden has reserved Haitian food with authentic ingredients and different food recipes.

    Caribbean food

    The Original Haitian Restaurant

    The modern Haitian restaurants have manipulated Haitian Food. It is really difficult to find a good Haitian restaurant anywhere that is why we give you the option of a creole garden. Creole Garden is a real haitian restaurant that offers real Haitian Food. Creole Gardens have numerous original Haitian Food. The only Haitian restaurant that serves originality with good quality. We have saved our ancestor's recipes throughout the decades to give you a taste that you will remember forever. Located in Miami, Creole Garden is a great place to eat delicious Caribbean cuisine. We offer a variety of quality Creole food, and Haitian food, for those that enjoy cooking. It's a true pleasure to add the joy of healthy, tasteful, and vibrant Creole food to your lives.
    The team at Creole Garden, one of the Uber Eats delivery restaurants, welcomes customers. We are highly honored by the trust and love you have shown us. You will always have a good day with a taste of Caribbean cuisine. Our team of chefs has experience in cooking with fresh ingredients and flavorful recipes.

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