The best words won’t do justice to these scrumptious meals. We at Creole Garden give you a variety of different delicious recipes and it was hard selecting one for the menu to give you a perfect Haiti. We have skimmed the top best haitian dishes and provided you with the delicious taste that you must try. These dishes will give you an unforgettable taste and make you return again and again to return to your best. We collect the lost recipes and dishes and show how the power of flavors unites everyone at our restaurant.

The Best Haitian Foods to Try

Haitian is famous for giving spicy and tasty food for you and making a great combination of spices and flavors for you.Below are some of the best dishes to try and that we prepare from the loudest sizzle and freshest vegetables. These meals are enjoyable wherever you are and you can get the best flavor from our restaurant.

Delicious Haitian Dishes

1: Poulet aux Noix

With the combination of fresh and healthy ingredients. It will not only catch your eye but will make your mouth water with its rich aroma and freshness of food. The meat is made juicer and ripe by soaking it in unique and flavourful spices overnight. This technique gives its juiciness and exceeds your expectations with our extraordinary dish. The frying pan is then heated and the meat is fried to give its aroma. Once you take the bite with the addition of the nuts onions peppers and tomatoes you will get the unforgettable taste of this dish.

2: Pikliz

If you have never eaten Pikliz you never tasted the Haitian dishes properly. Get your hands on this meal as the first thing when you enter a restaurant. The vegetable is fermented. These fermented vegetables include carrots, onions, shredded cabbages, and cucumbers. It is made into a tart that helps to make the greaseless dish. The addition of meat is the best to make it more scrumptious and suit your taste buds.

The ingredients are then emptied into the jar of veggies with garlic onions and left for a while stirring it. The name of the dish came from a friend’s word meaning piquer which means “to sting”. It gives a good idea of how this dish will make you go. Visit our restaurant to get the right experience and make yourself go through a memorable experience with this dish

3: Joumou

This dish has a lot more importance than it shows and has a high value to the people of Haiti. This was a luxury dish that was only eaten by the whites in old times. After the freedom, this dish was distributed to everyone and it contains special importance in the eyes of Haitian dishes citizens.

This dish has a lot of importance on its own and gives a taste of the history and tradition of a country. Joumou is made from the freshness of the limes, onions , limes, celery, and plantains. The soup is enjoyed the most while eating it with bread. You can get the optimum flavor and taste by tasting it with the goodness and richness of this

4: Tassot Kabrit

This dish is made from goat meat. A perfect Haitian dishes to give you the crisp and crunches of the most scrumptious fried meat. We will simmer and marinate the goat meat to give a full burst of flavor to every bite. We will surprise you and leave you in amazement. The strips of the goat meat will be marinated in orange juice and lemons. Before getting pan-fried, they will become crispy brown. You can find them in restaurants as well as in street foods because of their unique flavor and taste. They are usually served with rice and stew in restaurants.

5: Makawoni au Graten

This Creole dish is not your typical Kraft did but contains more magic and flavors to surprise you. This is a special casserole that we prepare with pasta noodles like rigatoni and penne. The fillings contain the ham and mayonnaise to the chicken with the mayonnaise or the chicken with mustard according to the preferability of our customer’s taste

It also includes healthy vegetables like onion bell pepper, bread crumbs, and many kinds of cheese. This dish is a classic for many other people. You will find all the other recipes from the cheddar to gouda.

6: Diri ak djon djon

This dish is mostly enjoyed on holidays with special people so it had a lot of importance historically, culturally and traditionally. It involves the soaking of mushrooms and a black liquid is secreted that is utilized in making the cooking procedure of the rice. The black rice is added and blended with the shrimp, chicken carrots and lima beans. MAny other preferable vegetables are also included and give a flavor and taste that is out of this world.

The look given in the end is extremely delicious and stunning.

7: Haitian patty

This party is not your ordinary patties. The Haitian patties are much meatier and flavourful than your normal patties. This is a dish containing an outer layer of crisp and spices with meat and flakes of buttermilk biscuits. We keep the inner layer soft and yummy to give a rich flavor and easy to digest for the best of your health. You will eat the softest yet crunchiest Haitian patties only from the Creole Garden.

The fillings include ground meat of every kind including beef, turkey , chicken and cod.

8: Bouillon soup

This sweet and sour soup is made and enjoyed the most on rainy days and is loved by many the ribs stew and soup of the different variety of meats and vegetables make it much healthier and nutritious for the health. The Creole Garden offers the best soup of Bouyon soup made with the cow which is called the Bouyon beef. Bouyon poule is made with chicken, thick potatoes, and sweet plantains.