50 Wings$58.95
25 Wings$30.95
15 PC Celery & Blue Cheese$18.95
10 PC Celery & Blue Cheese$14.95

Blue Cheese and Celery Sold Separately

Hot, Mild, Medium, BBQ, Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Garlic Parmesan, Thai Chilli


Grilled Chicken Caesar$0.0


Griot bowl flour tortilla fried into a bowl topped with chopped pork lettuce tomato onions spicy cab$0.00
Jerk chicken served with rice & veggies$0.00
Grilled chicken breast served with broccoli & rice$0.00
10 oz snapper steam boil or fried served with rice & veggies$0.00
Meat ravioli w/ marinara served with garlic bread$0.00
Curry shrimp Sauteed peppers & onions served with white rice$0.00
Center cut pork chopped marinated in a jerk seasoning$14.95
Served mash potatoes & vessels
Grilled marinated skirt steak chimichurri$24.95
Served with black beans & rice
Grilleo chicken penne alla vadka$18.95
Served with garlic bread
Jeric chicken and shrimp Alferoo over panne pasta$21.95
served with garlic bread


Seafood Platter$0.00
Plantain Nacho- Topped with Chicken Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions$0.00
Steak Quesdilla-Sauteed peppers, onions Mushrooms, Banana Peppers and sharp chedder in a flour turitillo$14.95
Chicken Tender Six Hand Battered Chicken Strips Fried Golden Brown Served with honey mustard$10.95
Beer Barrered Onion Rings Served w Horseradish sauce$6.95
Calamari- Fried to Golden Brown Perfection Served with Marinara Sauce$11.9
Sante Fe eggs 3 egg roll served with sour cream & salsa$10.95
Mozzaluna – 5 half moon shaped mozzarella deep fried served with Marinara$9.95
Shrimp basket – 8 shrimp deep fried golden brown served with fries$0.00
Chicken quesadilla sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, & banana peppers and sharp cheddar in a flour tortillas13.95
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