A major staple of Caribbean cuisine is the fusion of local ingredients from the islands with the elements and cooking techniques from other cultures. Haiti is also one of the most famous spots to find Caribbean dishes. Caribbean cuisine draws its flavors from influences such as Africa, Asia, India, and Europe.

These fusions in Caribbean cuisine were mostly brought about by colonization and the export of labor from these countries. Creole Garden offers one of the most popular dishes that are made from special ingredients only found in Haiti. To enjoy the food you have to know its history to experience the whole experience of enjoying it. Let’s start with the first step which is understanding Caribbean cuisine and learning what ingredients are most commonly used by islanders

Seafood is the prized pearl of Caribbean cuisine, but poultry, steak, pig, and beans are also included. Along with these ingredients, many beans and legumes are also common sources of protein and energy in these dishes

Basis Of Caribbean Cuisine Food

The big question that immediately comes to mind is how did this become a thing? How did all of this start? All the islands in the specific area.

The Caribbean food industry is based on many different cultures and tastes. It found by the Arawak, Carib, and Taino Indians, but the British, French, Spanish, and even Africans and Chinese have contributed to its growth and developed it into something entirely different and uniquely Caribbean.

Caribbean dishes have a large variety and diversity in them. This diversity and unique mixture of flavors and traditions make this cuisine unique and different than other cuisines. Creole Garden has served its customers and helps the customers to make the best decisions for a good meal and a heartful diet.

Below are some unique and scrumptious dishes that you may take interest in investing in. These exotic dishes are made from ingredients that are found after a good amount of exploring the islands.

Sweet potatoes

As well as being a filling accompaniment to any dish, sweet, orange potatoes are one of your five-a-day They can be roast, boil, or bake, mix with spices, and served in a steaming bowl for a colorful side-serving with chicken, lamb or pork Sweet potatoes are also great in stews, which adds an extra dimension to Caribbean fare.

Saltfish fritters

In the West Indian kitchen, saltfish fritters offer a salty punch to the tongue that whets the appetite. They are small morsels or rounded coins packed with flavor. Mixing flour, herbs, and peppers with saltfish, these bite-sized bites are then deep-fried in hot oil until crispy and flaky on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside.

Coconut drops

Coconut drops are a sweet-tasting snack made from little chunks of white, fleshy coconut and sugar sprinkled with ginger. A favorite snack in Jamaica, and elsewhere in the world, coconut drops can be made by boiling coconut in a solution infused with brown sugar, then letting it cool.

Flying fish

Flying fish is widely consume all over Barbados. Where it is the national dish. It is usually steamed or stewed with fresh herbs and seasonings such as onions, thyme, and tomato to enhance its flavor. It is sometimes eaten with cou-cou or polenta. The dishes remind many of their grandmother’s kitchen in Jamaica.


Its starchy texture and sweet taste instantly conjure up Caribbean cooking, and plantains are a common ingredient in virtually all Caribbean dishes. Prepare plantains as fried fruits, and they go well with chicken and rice. The sweetness of the plantains complements both the savory and sweet flavors.

Rice and peas

Rice and peas are comfort food, evoking feelings of childhood in the Caribbean. With fluffy rice, creamy coconut milk, and kidney beans (or gungo peas), this dish is part of the Caribbean diet and a point of pride in many homes. The taste, however, varies from season to season, but the key flavors are thyme, scallion, and garlic. It goes well with chicken, pork, and seafood dishes.

Curry goat

This dish from Asia and the Caribbean is renown for its intense flavor and succulent texture. Slow-cooked with turmeric, curry powder, chili powder, and thyme then served piping hot. The curie goat is excellent with rice, peas, or potatoes. The meat absorbs the flavor of the spices. The meat falls off the bone when steam it.


With savory pastries that will melt in the mouth and fillings such as beef, chicken, saltfish, and patties serve a satisfying taste of the Caribbean. You can purchase patties from a range of restaurants, but they are best when made at home. Fillings and seasonings vary for each patty, but vegetarian and pork and potato options are both delicious.

Caribbean Cuisine Ackee and saltfish

When combine with salty cod, ackee, a yellow-fleshed fruit, is soft and a bit sweet to taste, making a deliciously flavorful dish widely consumed. No wonder, too. This is the national dish. The uniquely tasty ingredients, carefully combined with spices, onions, and pepper make this morning dish wholesome and filling ideal for breakfast or brunch.

Jerk chicken

Spic and Scotch Bonnet peppers, nutmeg, and pimentos. Jerk chicken is a spicy delight. Rubb the chicken with the formula. either you can roast or barbecue and serve with rice and peas. Variations abound, and once you taste it, you’ll find yourself craving it again and again.


The above dishes have a uniqueness in them. Some dishes might be available in your area and some might not. That is why they have a good demand and contain some the exotic dishes. Try some of these exotic dishes from creole Garden and surprise yourself with the burst of flavors and different tastes.

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